Carolyn Rae Boyd

Producer, Creator, Manager, Consultant

I'm a producer and manager in New York City, specializing in creating unique and engaging experiences, productions, and events.


Step into the world of theater with a glimpse into some of my past productions

Immersive Creations

Numerous productions including Punchdrunk's Sleep No More and over 50 large-scale events

a new immersive production

coming Spring 2024 to NYC


Beastie Boys Story
A live documentary filmed for Apple TV

Opening Ceremony
Fashion Week Live Dance Show

Broken Theater
A film by Bobbi Jene Smith


The Cast of Sleep No More Share an Inside Look at Their Reopening


If you're looking to create unforgettable experiences, need guidance, or just an industry peer wanting to talk, I'd be happy to chat. Feel free to reach out and let's explore the possibilities together!